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Our Lazy Complex Presents a Staggering Risk to Society

There is a problem that faces us in every aspect of life. An enemy that affects the lives of many yet tends to go completely unnoticed at times. However, one act of murder or terrorism and the whole world is in an uproar. One outbreak of SARS or the bird flu and everyone is up in arms. Yet there is a much more severe threat that faces everyone from every walk of life, everyday.

So what is this problem you ask? The technical term for this worldwide problem is modern chronic disease. It accounts for over 60 percent of deaths in the entire world and is a severe epidemic throughout the world today. It is a disease that spreads through neglect and poor lifestyle choices. It leads to such severe problems as cancer, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few. In the USA alone, this epidemic kills more than 2,600 people very day. Throughout the world the number is even more staggering. Over the next decade it is predicted that this disease will kill over 350 million people.

Thanks to new technology and creations our modern society thrives on laziness. There is rarely any incentive to remain fit or engage in physical activity. We can get anything done and eat anything without even having to leave the house or get off of the computer. Our lives have become revolved around sitting. Sitting in a car, sitting in a chair at work and sitting on the couch feeding our need for television.

It seems that everyone is starting to neglect how important physical activity is. Our bodies feed off of and need exercise in order to remain strong and healthy. With no stimulation of our systems our cells and hormones cannot repair themselves or reproduce in a way that is beneficial to our bodies. It seems that the more we grow as society and the smarter we get, the more we forget about the basics of nutrition and health.

Our health and sickness as a whole is on a downward spiral. We are now choosing to watch television and play computer games rather than engage in life extending activities. This is not only unfair to ourselves but also unfair to future generations. As more people learn of the dangers of laziness and modern chronic disease, an uproar is beginning. We must continue to educate people on the dangers of their lifestyle choices and how to improve the value and length o their lives.

It is through changing the mindset of society that we can make the most difference. We need to stop seeing exercise as an unnecessary chore and start viewing it as a way of life. It is a choice that must be made in order to live appropriately.

Another problem is that we are becoming so reliant upon doctors and the medicines they prescribe. What we need to understand as a species is that prevention is the best medicine. Once you have been stricken down by a disease there are rarely any cures or options available to you. However the fact is that you can prevent these problems simply by living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself.

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It seems that with each passing year more and more people are getting sick, more illnesses are coming about and more people are being affected by chronic disease. What has changed that can be linked to all these changes? It is quite simple when you think about it. Our lifestyle changes are the single biggest factor for this change to worsened health.

More people than ever are struggling with obesity including many young children. Even people who consider themselves to be in decent shape are struggling to get through the day without feeling exhausted or even depressed.

The worsening situation that is affecting so many people is very problematic and we need to start taking more drastic steps to correct it. If you neglect to implement physical activity into your life on a regular basis then you could easily be afflicted by a fatal or crippling disease.

There are even a number of people who consider themselves to be living a healthy lifestyle that are still making all the wrong choices. What is now considered to be a healthy lifestyle would have been frowned upon just a few years ago. With all the new developments in technology our lives are easier than ever and so many of us really on technology to get through the day.

This is a very serious problem. Research shows that our bodies need a certain amount of exercise in order to function properly. Without vigorous activity our bodies do not have the ability to function in the way they were meant to. It cannot fight off illness and cannot produce the cells and tissues that you need.

Physical activity ensures that your body produces and delivers hormones and cells to all different areas. This production gives us the ability for our immune system to develop and too overcome disease. Without exertion our bodies shut down and our immune system is left susceptible to a vast number of medical conditions.

By now you are sure to be worried about your body and your health but there is a simple solution. Our body can prevent and treat illness if it is given the ability to do so. Engaging in regular exercise gives you body this ability and will enable you to be much healthier for a much longer period of time.

What we each need to do is start taking back control of our lives and bodies. By living a healthier lifestyle we will not only feel and look better but we will also be setting a better example for future generations. The time is now to turn around our tendency for laziness and make a positive change in everyone’s life.

Strength training is the first step that you can take to improve your body and your life. You will need to be taught which exercises provide the most benefit and how to do them.

With this proper direction you will have more than enough to finally change your life. You will set a good example, live longer, be healthier and be happier. It is as simple as that but it is a step that so many people are neglecting these days.

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