How Hoodia works

How Hoodia works

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This is the way Hoodia works

In the early stages of clinical experiments (with the Hoodia plant), Dr. Richard Dixey was one of the scientists. It became apparent by these clinical experiments how the important active ingredient really works.

In a small part of the brain with the name: the hypothalamus, are nerve cells that sense glucose sugar.

When eating, the blood sugar will increase because the food is "feeding" the body.

These cells are "hard working" and give you a feeling of being full.

It looks like Hoodia contains a special molecule. This molecule is about 10,000 times more active then glucose.

In reality you haven''t eaten, the feeling of being hungry has almost gone after taking Hoodia.In which way can I use Hoodia?

In the past Hoodia Gordonii was used to suppress the feeling of hunger which meant eating the whole, fresh or maybe dried plant.

The flowers, spiky skin and roots on the plant are bitter. Even the San Bushman didn''t like the bitterness, imagine the reaction of other people. You must cut open the skin for using Hoodia on a natural way. This way you can drink or eat the sap and/or flesh of the plant.

Actually, some TV correspondents tried the plant in the original form and have noted that Hoodia is bitter and has an almost instant effect. It suppresses the appetite, which means that many consumers cannot take Hoodia Gordonii in it''s orginal form. That''s why this great Hoodia plant, which is availabe in Southern Africa, needs a drying process. When you dry the plant the powder is produced and also some concentrates. Both are used for example as dietary supplements but can also be used as an addition to food.

To use Hoodia as a supplement for a diet comes close to the way Hoodia was used by it''s traditional users. Instead of isolating specific extracts (steroidal glycosides) of the Hoodia plant.

It looks like scientific research acknowledges the fact that certain parts and/or extracts of the Hoodia Gordonii play an important role for loss of appetite. Other ingredients which reside in Hoodia could possibly play a part in the various effects on humans.

To be on the safe side it''s best to take Hoodia using the entire plant and not only the extracts like steroidal glycosides.

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