How The Acai Berry Has Extremely High ORAC Levels  Health and Fitness Blog -

How The Acai Berry Has Extremely High ORAC Levels Health and Fitness Blog -

April 8, 2009How The Acai Berry Has Extremely High ORAC Levels

Very healthy ORAC numbers are offered by the highly nutritional Amazon Açaí berry. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is abbreviated as ORAC. In terms of functionality, ORAC can measure the capacity of a substance to subdue oxygen free radicals in a test tube. Therefore, the antioxidant action of any element can be measured by the lab test for ORAC which assigns the substance an ORAC level. The higher the ORAC number, the more powerful the antioxidant capabilities of the measured substance. The ORAC measurement method was originated by the National Institute on Aging and later improved upon by the US Department of Agriculture and Brunswick Labs. Evaluations to determine ORAC numbers have been performed on many foods through the present time. Simply put, you should concentrate on healthful substances having the highest ORAC numbers when searching for foods with the best antioxidant properties. While cautioned by the USDA that we should all ingest from 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units every day, under 1,000 daily ORAC units are consumed by most people. If you follow the nutritional requirements of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day, you will achieve an ORAC intake score of approximately 1,750 units. It’s true that fruits and vegetables generally have the best ORAC numbers. For each 100 grams, apples rate a 218, bananas score 221, and blueberries gain high honors with a count of 2,400. Blueberries rate 2,400, bananas score 221, and apples have a level of 218, per each 100 grams. Scoring 5,500 per 100 grams, however, is the astoundingly nutrient-rich acai berry. Actually, freeze dried Acai berries have a greatly increased ORAC score of more than 50,000 per 100 grams.

Anthocyanins, or flavonoid pigments synthesized by plants and fruits, provide vegetation with beautiful, vibrant coloring. Interestingly, they also act as “sunscreens” for plants, vegetables and fruits. While they spread seeds around, enhancing new plant development, the animals are drawn to boldly hued fruits to enjoy their delightful tastes. Yet, the major value of anthocyanins in acai berries is their powerful antioxidant abilities. Fruits which grow in strong sunlight, such as acai berries, are exposed to strenuous doses of UV light which encourage free radical production within the fruit. Because they already possess strong antioxidant qualities to best battle free radicals, acai berries produce more amounts of anthocyanins. Even following consumption by either a human or animal, it is important to note the fact that antioxidant capacities of these anthocyanins prevail. So, the huge concentration of anthocyanins common in Acai berry juice is absorbed by the consumer of the fruit to great nutritional and healthful benefits. Remember, brightly colored fruits are not only attractive to the eye, but delicious to the taste buds and extremely rich in ORAC levels and health-enhancing properties.

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